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Life- The journey and the path one must take to start their journey! June 14, 2011

Posted by bulldog222 in Poetry.

Life isn’t worth living unless you’ve inspired someone else to find happiness. Although the world may seem dark and isolated, there are still people whom can shine Light in times of despair. No one should ever have to experience the feeling of being alone or unappreciated. Everyone search for some purpose that gives their life meaning. The answer truly lies within the actions people take to change the world. If you can manage to make at least one person smile a day, then your journey to find yourself is half done. By putting others before yourself in your own heart, your character expand and allow a vast amount of people to be inspired by your presence in their lives. Since everything is planned our step-by-step in our lives, we should not search too hard for the will of God. If you believe enough, then you’ll achieve enough to bring about self-satisfaction. Love is a powerful word that gets misused. Intimacy for everyone often gets confused. Faith is confidence in what you believe while fear is lack of confidence. Energy can be sensed, given, or taken away so it’s up to you with what you use it for. Love, Intimacy, Faith, and Energy are four reasons to never give up on a darkened world.  L.I.F.E



1. Nakikke - June 16, 2011

Real talk… very insightful

2. Devan Torrence - June 21, 2011

Love it. And “Passion” is probably my favorite thing on here!

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