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Idecided to dedicate this blog as a reminder ,for myself and others, that God is real and we should always live our lives according to his will for us. Yes we should take our faith seriously but on this blog, people can get a laugh or two. I was blessed with a since of humor and i plan on using it to my full potential. Many people give up on the world because all signs of Light have faded. Fear and sorrow have replaced in our hearts where love and trust once lived.

 Hope seems lost when someone has no one to turn to for help. Help is there only if you are willing to call on it. Light can be restored when someone is willing to fight for it. Laughter and love can change lives. It works. Pass it on!



1. Austin Hollins - February 1, 2011

I love what you’re doing here and I agree 100% that you have to take it one heart at a time to change the world. And not only can the world be changed, people have to believe the world can be changed, however, for most people, they have not been taught or they have not been shown that lives can be changed through love and laughter and faith and in saying that I believe this sight can show people a side of the world that people hide under their skin out of fear or humility and God is one thing that no one should be ashamed of.

God Bless Jeff,

2. ode - September 28, 2011

How is this a reminder that God is real? 😀 Just curious!

bulldog222 - January 1, 2012

Even though there is a lot of evil in this world, God still provides us with little pieces of life and beauty. For example different sceneries like a sunset or the moon annd stars.

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